Our Token was developed to help other people who want to launch a Token.
In the first step, the platforms below were developed with this purpose.
* Service Sales Platform.
* Token Pre Sale Platform.
* Token Voting Platform.
* Marketing Platform.
In the second step, we will target the eletronic market, making the token more usable on a daily basis.
* Cellphone Sales E-Commerce Platform.
* Personalized Clothes E-Commerce Platform.
* Music Platform, Spotify style.
* Flying Tickets Purchase Platform.
* Concert Tickets Purchase Platform.
* Hotel Accommodation Platform.
We work constantly to develop the UNION Token to be more attractive to every type of investors.


It will be released on 12/10/2021

  • Days
  • Hours
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  • Seconds

Remaining for the Official Launch of the E-Commerce Platform

What are the advantages?

Initially we have the advantage of UNION Token appreciation at launch.
It is being used at the developed platforms for the UNION Token to be generating 2x profit:
* 1 = To hire a service, you must use UNION Token.
* 2 = A share of every platform profit will be burned.
This burn will be made until the UNION Token Supply reaches 1 million tokens.
Reaching this Supply, we will raffle UNION Tokens to be burned.
Another advantage for the investors is that in a near future more platforms will be added to the UNION project.
We are studying the possibility of doing a mini mining farm on an Exchange where the UNION Token will be paired with the other announced coins. On the button below you will be redirected to a page with more detailed information about each platform.


Project Team.

Below you will see our core team, responsible for the project idealization.


Luis Roberto

CEO + Desenvolvedor




Vídeo Designer



Teilor Cardoso

Admin de Grupo Telegram


Admin de Grupo Telegram


Admin de Grupo Telegram

Juca Garcia

Admin de Grupo Telegram

Thiago Mello

Admin de Grupo Telegram

About UNION Token

Below you will see info on the UNION Token, for example:
Supply, Fees, Maximum purchase, Maximum sale, etc...


Existing ammount of UNION Tokens.


Initial Total = 3 Million Tokens.
Current Total = 2.4 Million Token.

Purchase fee

10% on each Purchase


1% Holders.
1% Raffle.
1% Liquidity.
1% Development & Marketing.
6% Burn.

Sales fee

10% on each sale


1% Holders.
1% Raffle.
1% Liquidityz.
1% Development & Marketing.
6% Burn.


Below you will see the majority of questions that you might have about the project. If you can't find the answer to your question below, do not hesitate to contact any of our admins.

From October 9th to the Nonember 02st, the UNION Token will be priced at $0.05.
From Nobember 3th to 11st, the UNION Token will be priced at $0.07.
Minimum to purchase in pre sale will be 1,000 UNION Tokens and the maximum will be 30,000 UNION Tokens.
Reminding that everyone will go through the dump locks.

We created a system with many locks on sales.
Whoever sells, at the first 1 hour after launch, they will only be able to sell 1000 UNION Tokens at a time every 30 minutes.
If someone transfers the UNION tokens to another wallet to circumvent the sell lock while the locks are active, the tokens will be burned.

At launch the UNION Token will be priced at $0.08.

Initially it will be launched at Pancakeswap, but in the future we will list it on other Exchanges.

The UNION Token has a Supply of 3 million tokens, and 500 thousand or more will be locked for a year to feed our Exchange when we launch on it.